To Day   I am discussing one Of the serious fungal diseases" Black Fungus".  Actually, it is a fungal disease by  Mucormycosis. Previously it is called zygomycosis. It is a Serious but rare fungal infection caused by a group of molds called micromycetes. These molds live throughout the Environment. In India, Covid-19 Pandemic has had a great impact on this disease. Many people all over the world died from Covid-19 and spread rapidly. It is a very serious observation by doctors and scientists that another fungal disease also spread in India is called  Mucormycosis ( Black Fungus)  along with Covid.

Black Fungus Causes:

Now I am discussing the Causes & symptoms of this disease briefly. A patient who is admitted to ICU for several days and who are using Steroid injection/tablets for a long time has low immunity Power. This kind of Patient is easily affected by  Mucormycosis ( Black Fungus ).

One thing is very clear Covid-19 has a serious impact on Patients who has a low immunity system. The same thing occurs with Black Fungus Disease. If you have a low immunity system you will be affected by this disease simultaneously. Patients who have serious diabetes  & and suffering from Cancer they easily affect by Black fungi.

Black Fungus Symptoms:

Black Fungus has several Symptoms like Unilateral nasal Obstruction, facial Pain, Swelling, and numbness. the blurring of vision, double vision, watery eyes, and the most common Problems are fever, cough, chest pain, Shortness of breath e.t.c  IN India, the Death rate of Black Fungus is approx 50 % (Fifty Percent ). There are Five people affected and One person died of this fungal disease. In some Of the states like Maharashtra, People araffectedbyBlack Fungus severally. The government of India already announced it was a Pandemic. ThegovernmenOf India notifies a strict guidelines for this pandemic disease  Black Fungus.

Black Fungus Precaution :

 Don't panic and always obey the Government of India's proper guidelines. Always stay clean and healthy. Also, maintain proper distance. Use a face mask and hand sanitizer. Also, if any problem occurs please consult a doctor immediately

                        Black Fever Symptoms and remedy


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