Digha Tourist Destiny

 Digha is one of the Tourist places in West Bengal. Basically, it is the border area of West Bengal mainly the south part. Digha is located in the district of Purba Medinipur. Many tourists came here for enjoyment and to spend their vacation. There is so many transport facility for tourist like Howrah to Digha  Express, Mail. Otherwise, you also come with Tourist Bus, Personal Care. Kolkata to Digha Journey is basically 4 to 5 hrs.  After reaching Digha you will easily book any hotel you need. Basically, Digha has two famous names. One is called Old  Digha. And another name is New Digha.  There are so many beaches in Digha. The main attractive thing Of Digha is  " BATH". New Digha beach is famous for this Bath. Many Tourists came here for bathing and do some excitement. Tourists also do horse riding, parachute Jumping. Tourists also feel the fresh cool air and refresh themselves. There are so many types of veg and non-veg food for tourists. Living Standard for this hotel is also very good. Tourists may Purchase many toys easily here. 

Ultimately we can say Digha is a very good Tourist Destiny place in West Bengal. I specially Invite all Tourist please come here and also spend their vacation for some days. 


Digha Beach

Santanu Betal

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