"Google" The Giant

                      "Google" The Giant   


Blogging about this multinational Company  Google is a very relevant topic for me . So I am describing Some important fact about this multinational Giant Company. This topic is very brief and suitable for Blogger. From this topic, viewers will get proper data & information about  Google. 

Google LLC  is a multinational technology Company in America . Main business & product of Google are Internet related  services and Product which include online advertising technologies, a search engine , Cloud Computing , Software and  Hardware , It is Consider One Of the five big Tech Companies like  Microsoft, Amazon , Facebook , Apple .

Google was established in September 1998 by Larry Page & Sergey Brin  while they were Ph.D  student of Standford University Of California. Together they won 14% of Share & Control 56% of stack holder voting power through super voting Stock.

Google is formerly known as Google inc (1998-2017) . Type Subsidiary Of  LLC . The head quarter of Google is 1600 Amphitheatre , Parkway , Mountain view  , California .

Google is one of the largest Company in world . It served all over world . Google business though all over world like advertisement , Google product  like hardware , Software . Discussing about this Product & Software into the followings. 


Current time CEO of Google Is Sundar Pichai  , I fell proud because he is from Indian Region . CFO of Google is Ruth Porat . Sundar Pichai is Chief Executive Officer Of  Alphabet Inc and its subsidiary Of Google.     

PM Modi meets Sundar Pichai


Google has several Web based Services- Google photos, gmail , google drive, Google translate, Google 

  Google has Several Hard ware Podcasts, Google earth .Google has several Software -Google Chrome, Android Tv,Wear Os smart Watch.roduct- Nexus on google smart phone, Google WiFi router, Chromebook google laptop. 

 Revenue  Of  Google is 182,527,000,0000 United State dollars (2020) . Operating Income of Google is 41,224,000,000. United stated dollars. Total assets is 319,616.000,000 united state dollars. 

 Number Of  Employees is approx is 139,995 . All over World till 2021.  Main Website is     www.google.com 

 You will inform more data  through wikipidea

   Video link is from "Google official youtube" Video Channel  .        




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