COVID-19 vaccination in India

COVID-19 vaccination in India:            

 Covid -19 is a Pandemic in the whole world. Every country is affected by this Pandemic. Total Civilization is hampered by this pandemic situation. It is a very infectious disease. Viruses are spreading through the air and in contact with diseased people. That's why many people are affected. India is a very populated Country so many people in this country are affected by Covid-19. 

People who have serious diseases like cancer, diabetes any internal disease are seriously affected by this virus. People who have less immunity thy affected very seriously. They cannot survive anymore. we all know that common symptoms less fever, Cough, sneezing, and headache. But major symptoms of this Patient are breathing problems due to lack of oxygen. The people of India are very much affected by Covid -19.              

The medical system of India is a failure nowadays. People are dying in India due to a lack of Oxygen. Not only people, but many Doctors & Nurse, and health workers were also affected and died due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

In this situation, Scientists are doing a great job in the whole world. They invented many vaccines against Covid-19.  World Health Organization also published a lot of lists Of Vaccine against Covid-19. WHO clearly says that vaccination is only one solution for the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The government of India takes great initiatives for vaccination. The Prime minister Of India and Cabinet & Chief Minister Of every state and High Officials are meeting to vaccination of people of India. The pm of India, several times says that Vaccination & Proper Hygienic like using masks & Sanitizer keep social distance and protect us against Covid-19. 

 India started the organization of COVID-19 immunizations on 16 January 2021 (139 days prior). Starting at 3 June 2021, India has regulated 224,109,448 dosages by and large, including first and second portions of the right now supported vaccines.[2][3]          

Two immunizations got an endorsement for crisis use in India at the beginning of the program; Covishield—a brand of the Oxford–AstraZeneca antibody fabricated by the Serum Institute of India, and Covaxin, which was created by Bharat Biotech. In April 2021, the Indian government endorsed the Russian Sputnik V antibody (which is appropriated locally by Dr. Reddy's Laboratories) as a third antibody, which started use in May 2021.



India is suffering from Covid -19 2nd wave almost from April 21, to June 21. Scientists & Doctors are also aware that Covid -19 third wave coming soon. IMA also starts clinical trials for babies. In this third wave, the Covid-19 pandemic Newborn babies (1yr to 10yr) will be affected. After vaccination of different age groups of people of India, vaccination of Child will start quick.                            

The whole Budget of this Vaccination is 35,000 crore. This whole system is totally organized by the Government Of India, State Government, Indian Medical Council (IMA) .178,486,097 people with at least one dose administered of Covaxin or Oxford–AstraZeneca vaccine or Sputnik V

45,623,351 people have been fully vaccinated with both doses of Covaxin or Oxford–AstraZeneca vaccine or Sputnik V.13% of the Indian population has received at least one dose.3% of the Indian population has received both doses. In Humanitarian Ground India exports its own manufactured Vaccine to the neighboring Country like Bangladesh, Brazil, Nepal, Bhutan e.t.c 

This is a very tough time for the Indian Government every Indian Citizen will vaccinate as soon as possible. Hope that the Government Of India and the respective State governments focus on this aim.  Central & State relation Ship will very smooth and effective that every citizen will vaccinate as early as possible. 

Daily updates of vaccination against Covid-19 data will available on the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare .                                                                               

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