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My Blogging topic is today Indian Information Technology Company is INFOSYS. India has several Information Technology companies. One of the most popular companies in INFOSYS. It provides business consulting, Information Technology, and Outsourcing Services. Infosys is the second-largest IT company after Tata Consulting Service (TCS). Infosys held 602nd ranking among the world Forbes list of 2000 registered top Private Companies. In December 2020, its market Capitalism was $71.92 billion. The credit rating of this Company is A (rating by Standard & Poor's).

INFOSYS was founded by seven engineers in Pune, Maharashtra as a $250 market Capital initially in 1981. In 1983 its office shifted to Bangalore, Karnataka, India. After so many years it changed its name to Infosys Technologies Private Limited in April 1992. After that, it was renamed Infosys Limited in June 2011. At First IPO of this Company Came to market at  95. And it's equivalent to US$7.80 in 2019. Infosys sharer value was registered as Nasdaq stock exchange in 1999 as American depositary receipts. The Share Price surged to US$390 in 1999.

Mainly Infosys Provides Software Development & Maintenance and validation Service to Companies in finance, insurance & manufacturing, and other domains. Main services are 

  • NIA- Next Generation Integrated AI platform
  • Infosys Consulting -A global management Service 
  • Infosys  Information Platform - Analytics Platform 
  • Edge Verve System which includes Finacle, a global banking Platform 
  • Panaya Cloud suite.
  • Save
  • Engineering Services
  • Digital Marketing 
There are Eighty-Two marketing and sales offices and 123 Development Center across the World. Basically, it Covers India, the USA, China, Australia, the Middle East & Europe. Most of the revenue comes from India, the USA, and European countries. This Company was listed In BSE SENSEX  and the NSE where it is NIFTY 50 Constituent. It is also registered as an American depositary Receipts and New York Stock Exchange. It has Several Share Holder like  
  • Promoters Group - 12.75%
  • Foreign Institutional Investor -37.47%
  • ADR- 16.70%
  • Individual Shareholder - 09.83%
  • Bank, Financial and Insurance Companies - 11.24%
  • Mutual Funds - 08.97%
  • Others -03.04%
  • Total - 100%
Infosys had a total of 243,454 employees at the end of December of 2019 out of which 37.8% were women.229.658 are software Professionals, and the remaining 13,796 work for Support and sales in 2020. 90% of the employee from India. It is a great thing for Us. Every Year hiring rate is 4%. The attrition rate of Infosys Ltd. is 21.5%.
INFOSYS has the largest training  Center in Mysore. The largest Corporate University was 337 acres is situated in Mysore. The campus has 400 instructors and  200+ classrooms. It had trained almost 1,25 000 Engineering graduates by June 2015. It can train 14,000 employees from time to time. The Infosys training Center in Mysore provides extracurricular facilities like tennis, badminton, basketball, swimming pool, and gym.    
There are so many CEO in Infosys 
  • Narayan Murthy - (1981 to 2002)
  • Nandan Nilekani - ( 2002 to 2007)
  • S . Gopalkrishnan- (2007- 2011) 
  • S.D. Shibulal   -     ( 2011 to 2014) 
  • Vishal Sikka - ( 2014  to 2017)
  • Salil. S . Parekh-(2018 to onwards )  
The total revenue of this Company is US$ 14 billion and the Operating Income is US$ 3.8 billion. Net Income is US$ 2.7 billion. Total assets are US$ 15 billion. Total Equity is US$ 10 billion.

I am also providing a video link for this Information Company. 
Video Link is also Provided of "Infosys" from  "CNBC TV18"  official Youtube Channel.                       My opinion of this Information & Technology company is that it is most trusted company as an Indian, As an employee, it is a great workplace and environment. Also, it provides an Eco-friendly environment a great work culture, After TCS considers the moral value of an employee. Management and administration are also very strong & helpful to employees, 
As a tech company, I am rating 4.3 out of 5. More Information plz visit INFOSYS

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