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 Today is International Yoga Day. As a Citizen Of India, I am very much great full for two men. One Of them is Our Honorable Prime Minister  Narendra Modi and another man is Swami Ramdev Baba. Both have great Initiatives to Promote Yoga in our daily life. Yoga has several benefits for our bodies. Respected Ramdev has already discussed it so many times on many television channels & Print Media. Basically, Baba Ramdev has a special  Organization Called " Patanjali Yog Peeth". Nowadays it is famous in World not only in India. Many People Come here for Yoga and to recover from the hard disease. Like so many types of cancer, Renal Problems, Heart problems e.t.c.21st June is International Yoga Day. Not only in India Yoga day is observed in the whole world. Every day I am doing my Yoga. I am also discussing the benefits of Yoga in the following.
Yoga Session

What was once mocked as an unusual prevailing fashion in wellbeing has been broadly acknowledged as a lifestyle for some individuals. This 'prevailing fashion' anyway has been practically speaking for more than 5, 000 years and is known as Yoga. Although it is perceived as a type of activity, some particular postures extraordinary to this strategy for actual culture have been exceptionally perceived and suggested in the drugless mending cycles for quite a long time.
With a reasonable and appropriate eating regimen with accentuation on Fruits and Vegetables (the Mucus-less eating routine), these particular infirmities recorded beneath can each be eased with a reliable and astute execution of the postures suggested.
1. Skin inflammation: Sun Salutations, the shoulder stand, and its counter-presents, head to knee presents, Peacock postures, and Abdominal Isolation.
2. Arms (Sagging): Sun Salutations, Incline plane posture, Bow Pose, Wheel present, and the Balancing Poses (peacock and Crow)

3. Asthma: Deep stomach breathing, Shoulder-stand, scaffold, and fish Pose, Bow Pose, and Corpse present (Abstinence from creature items and ALL prepared food sources emphatically required! Products of the soil Only!)

4. Spinal pain: Sun Salutations, Fish present, bow present

5. Awful Breath: Sun Salutations, Inverted Poses, Bow and Balancing Poses, Cleansing fire Pose, and Breathing activities. (Short diets and Restricted Occasional succulent natural organic product counts calories are suggested)

6. Personal stench: Sun Salutations, the Shoulder-stand (15-20 Minutes after the stances are rehearsed, utilize a warm soggy cloth to wipe the pubic districts)

7. Bust and Chest (firming): Sun Salutations, Bow, Crow present

8. Jaw (anticipation of the twofold jaw): Fish, Wheel, Sun Salutations

9. Normal Cold: Sun Salutations, shoulder-stand, and her counter-presents Breathing Exercises, Nasal Irrigation (Avoid Dairy, Grain, and Animal Products and obviously Processed Foods, this is a fun chance to do a short quick!)

10. Clogging: Inverted Poses, Sun Salutations, head to knee Poses, Bow Pose, the adjusting presents (Peacock and crow varieties) (Fiber-Rich Foods-Dates, celery, melons, and so forth)
This closes the initial segment of the 3-section arrangement on the most proficient method to utilize Yoga and a Proper eating regimen to reduce well-being side effects.
Yoga in Pregnancy

11. Deferring Old Age: Sun Salutations, Shoulder-stand, Bridge Pose, Fish Pose, Wheel Pose, Abdominal lift, and Breathing activities. 12. Wretchedness: Sun Salutations, shoulder stand, and its counter posture, in reverse bowing and adjusting works out. 13. Assurance (absence of): Balancing works out! 14. . Eat Lots of Celery and verdant vegetables and more Sub corrosive organic products, for example, The Stone natural products in Summer and apples and pears in fall and winter, Berries in Spring 15. Stomach-related Problems: Abdominal Isolations and lifts, Shoulder-stand, Plow Head to knee present, Bow Pose, Peacock represent (A 2-multi day squeeze quick!) 16. Eye issues: Inverted stances: (Shoulder-stand and Plow Poses) 17. Overabundance Weight: Sun Salutations, Inverted Poses (furrow and Shoulder stand) Bridge and Fish Pose, Bow and Breathing activities (You should pick one: a limited mono eating routine of organic products or a Juice quick for up to 14 days!) 18. Weakness: Corpse Pose, Wheel Pose 19. Center (absence of): Sun Salutations, adjusting activities, and Breathing activities. 20. Gastrointestinal Disorders: The Shoulder Stand Sequence, Head to knee Pose, Bow Pose, and The peacock present. 21. Sleep deprivation: The Inverted Poses, The body posture, and Breathing activities. 22. Jaw (Sagging): Sun Salutations, Shoulder stand and her counter stances, head to knee presents (sitting) and its counter posture, Wheel Pose.
Yoga Session

PM Modiji addressed in 7th International Yoga Day on his official "Narendra Modi "official Youtube channel. Honorable PM clearly addresses the benefits of Yoga. I am sharing this "Narendra Modi "
Channel Link
                                                  Honorable PM Modi Ji address

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