Vishwakarma Puja & Significance of 2021


He is the god of craftsmanship. According to Hindu scriptures, he is the artist of the gods. Vishwakarma Pujo 7 is the day of Sankranti of Bhadra month Vishwakarma Puja on 16th September. The Sankranti of Bhadra month is called Kanya Sankranti. Vishwakarma Puja's omnipotent Siddhi Yoga will start at 6:07 am. According to the calendar, Mahendra Yoga of Vishwakarma Pujo will start from 10:20 pm 15 seconds. It will end at 11 o'clock 6 minutes 32 seconds.


According to Hindu scriptures, there are certain rules for worshiping gods and goddesses. Basically, the date and time of puja are determined depending on the motion of the moon. The exception is Bishwakarma Pujo. Vishwakarma puja is determined by the motion of the sun. Kanya Sankranti will start at 1:29 pm and Rahukal will start at 10:43 am. It will end at 12:15. According to the Guptapress Panjika, the date of Pujo is Shukla Paksha Ekadashi H at 8:34:25. There are multiple mantras in this puja. Simple mantra of Vishwakarma Pujo - Dangsapala: Mahavira: Suchitra: Karmakaraka :. The world is made up of worldly desires. Om Vishwakarmane Namah

He is the god of architecture, art, creation, and various constructions. Bishwakarma is worshiped in various mills, offices, and other places of construction.

There is another common practice at the same time with Bishwakarma Pujo. Whose name is Ranna Puja. Which is also called Arandhan Utsav. Many people think of Arandhan as a part of Manasa Pujo. Manasa puja pots are placed and the branches of the cactus tree are kept. Then the cooking started. After cooking at night, stale food is eaten the next day. This means cooking and eating Ashwin in the month of Bhadra. The day before is cooked. The next day i.e. 1 Ashwin it is eaten.

Those good days are gone. Despite that, the little light that was in the Hooghly industrial area around Vishwakarma Pujoalso disappeared in Corona-Kale. Devashilpi's puja was celebrated on Thursday with Namo Namo. People involved in the industry think that this is the shadow of the recession in this industrial area. Many factories are locked. On top of that,  the economic fundamentals have been hit as production has stopped during the lockdown. Although production was introduced, the wheel of the economy did not move in that way. It has had an effect on Bishwakarma Pujo. There are five jute mills and one cotton mill in Bhadreshwar, Champadani area. Turning around, it was found out how pale Pujo's pomp was this time.


Vishwakarma Puja

On the day of Vishwakarma Pujo, the festive mood can be seen in all these factory premises and in the workers' quarters. Anil Kumar Kanhar, a worker at the Dalhousie Jute Mill in Champdani, said, "The gates of the mill are open to the public one day. This time there has been some kind of worship. The gates were closed due to the Corona situation. On this special day, the boundaries of all these factories are filled with light. The pendulum is made. Is eaten. Everyone from the surrounding area came to see Tagore. This time he was practically not bad at all. According to many factory authorities, the puja has been done as much as it has not been organized. The size of the idol has also become smaller in many places. Lunch was organized at a factory in Bagkhal, Rishra. This time the workers had to return empty-handed. Aniruddha Das, a worker, said, "There are financial problems as well as maintaining a physical distance. So, puja has just happened. All other arrangements were canceled. The situation is the same in many factories, "said Anvay Chatterjee, a grassroots labor leader. Hopefully, the economy will turn around this time, Bishwakarma will return to its familiar face from next year.


Soon, Vishwakarma will return to this industrial area in a recognizable way, which many elders consider to be a 'daydream'. According to them, at one time, the Hooghly industrial area was surrounded by festivals around Bishwakarma Pujo. One after another, small mills, cotton mills, car factories, tire factories, other small and big and medium factories floated in the light. At present, factories like Hindmotor and Dunlop are closed. Factories like Gondalpara, India Jute Mill closed for two and a half years. Factories like Bangalakshmi and Rampuria have not only been shut down but housing projects are also being set up there. Many closed factory premises have been turned into jungles. As a result, Vishwakarma Puja has already lost its pomp.


"The golden days of the Hooghly industrial area may not return," said a senior resident of Srirampur. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. Vishwakarma Pujo will again shine in the workers' quarters. That's the decent thing to do, and it should end there. "

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