Bhogpur Bazar Durga Puja 2021

  Durga Puja is the best festival for Bengalis. Durga Puja Occurs everywhere and in every place where Bengali lives.  Now, this is festival time, Durga Puja celebrates all over West Bengal.  Now I am telling you about Bhogpur Bazar Durga Puja


Durga Pooja 2022


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  • When does this Puja start?
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Bhogpur is one of the small villages is located in Purba Medinipur under kolaghat block of Bhogpur Grampanchayat. Bhogpur is one of the famous stations in the South Eastern Division. Bhogpur station is situated in the middle of two famous stations Panskura 💨 Bhogpur 💨 Mecheda. Bhogpur Bazar is just 2 minutes apart from Bhogpur Station. Travelers, you can easily come to this Place through the local train. Availability of local trains is any time Up & Down. Not only local train Travellers you can easily come from Mecheda and Ramtarak highway and Bardabarh to kodaliya Busways. 

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Bhogpur Bazar Durga Puja Starts 70 years ago. This Puja Starts in the year 1951. This Puja was started by some famous people Late Fakir Chandra Pramanik, Bhim Charan Betal, a Station Master Of Bhogpur, and some friends of them started this Durga Puja. Every Year we Celebrating Our Durga Puja.  In 2021 DurgaPuja Occurs in Bhogpur Bazar . Durga Pratima and Puja are occurring in Durga Mandap in the middle Of Bhogpur Bazar. This Puja is mainly Bhogpur Bazar Committee Durgapuja. The whole Bazar Committee and Villagers Of Bhogpur Bazar and Bhogpur Gram Panchayat, Kolaghat Police Station, and MLA of Kolaghat are very much involved in this Durga Puja. Helping of local administration we are celebrating Durga Puja in 2021. We are also maintaining the Government of West Bengal Guideline very Strictly. Covid 19 Protocols are strictly followed by volunteers in Durga Puja Premises.  Villagers Of this village are very excited about this Durga Puja. 

The total Budget for this Durga Puja is approx 3 lacs. The whole money is arranged through Bhogpur Bazar's own income. People Of Bhogpur don't give any single rupee for this puja Purpose. Bhogpur Bazar Durga Puja is Only full of  Sabekiana . Durga Pratima is too good to express. Durga Pratima and Pandle Are just amazing. The people of Bhogpur enjoy only these five days. Sasthi to Dashami these five days are so precious for us. 

Bhogpur Bazar Durga Puja

Puja Starts in Sasthi and we start our enjoyment. The puja starts through some cultural program. Our local representative starts this puja. we are all time in Puja Monap Premises. Our Volunteers are all-time active in this puja Premises. The lighting and Miking in Puja Pandel are just amazing. The next day is Maha Saptami and Maha Saptami night is " Janasamudra". All types of Food stalls and Garment shops, khelna stalls are in this market area.  People come to see the Durga Pratima and also eat and buy the products. Just a one-word whole scenario is mind-blowing. The main thing of Ashtami is Anjali. Anjali starts at 10 o clock in the morning.  people have participated in this Anjali. The duration of this Anjali is 10 am to 2 pm (approx). Puja pandal hopping starts in the evening it is continuing through the whole night. 

Bhogpur Bazar Durga Puja

Next Day is Maha Nabami. This is only the last day of enjoyment. Basically, this day is for flooding and relaxing. Many food recipes are in our house. Some of the people visit good restaurants like Sher Bengal,  The Bengal,  and many local restaurants. On another day Nabami night is till Janasamudra 
Police and Volunteers as usual control the 2lacs crowd approx. The next day is Vijaya Dashami we people of  Bhogpur are very sad. we do our Durga Pratima visarjan with tears of an eye. We the People Of Bhogpur oath that   " Asche Bochor Abar Hobyee" I am requesting all people of West Bengal Please come to see our  Durga Pratima. Our Volunteers are always with you. Please come and make more fun. Always Maintain the Government of the West Bengal protocol. Our Motto is " I happy, You happy & all are Happy ".

Frequently Asked Question About " Bhogpur Bazar DurgaPuja"

1. When this Puja was started? 

Bhogpur Bazar Durga Puja Starts 70 years ago. This Puja was started in the year 1951.

2.  Name of the founder members of this Durga Puja?

The founder members were the late Fakir Chandra Pramanik, Bhim Charan Betal, and their friends.

3. What is the budget for this Puja?

The total budget of this puja is 3lakh (approx).

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