"Sardar Udham "movie review

  •  Cast: Vicky Kaushal, Bonita Sandhu, Sam Redford, Stephen Hogan, Amal Parashar
  • Director: Sujit Sarkar
  • Story Line: Drama, History, Crime, Biography
  • Duration: 2 Hrs 40 Min                      


Sardar Udham Movie

Sardar Udham Singh is an almost forgotten hero in India's freedom struggle. He flew to London to avenge the 1919 Jallianwala Bug. And it was in the Queen's city that he avenged the unspeakable atrocities committed against the people of the country by killing General Dyer. He kept the fire of revenge burning in his mind for 21 years. Sardar Udham Singh, in retaliation for the murder of the then Lieutenant Governor of Punjab at Jallianwala Bagh in Amritsar, showed that Indians know how to roar against injustice. But as much as Shahid Bhagat Singh has dominated the pages of history, Sardar Udham Singh seems to have remained hidden. Behind that, director Sujit Sarkarabout brought the story of the freedom fighter to celluloid.

Sardar Udham movie review and Update?

This picture will fail to fulfill your wish if you sit and watch Sardar Udham with tears in your eyes. There is no eye-to-eye dialogue to increase the tension. What you will get instead of all this is a little bit of history in the history of the freedom struggle which is covered with torment, the blazing fire of revenge, and the nitty-gritty narrative of a man's indomitable zeal. Fighters like Sardar Udham are born when a person makes suffering his strength and at the same time the language of silence and protest. The scars of the demonic crime that took place in front of Kalin's eyes at the age of 20 became so severe that the only purpose of Sardar Udham's survival became Jallianwala's revenge.

The history books do not contain details about Sardar Udham Singh. As a result, it was a difficult task for the director to portray this character on screen. But Sujit Sarkar has given his hand in that difficult task. In this film, Udham Singh tries to find out the big 'why' behind his work, without just highlighting what he did. Sujit Sarkar has explored the emotional journey of a young man from Amritsar. The film tells the story of Sardar Udham, who has been living in London for two decades and has the mental determination to shoot General Dyer from the Point Blank Range.

In a screen time of 2 hours and 40 minutes, Sujit Sarkar introduced the audience to a freedom fighter who had shown the courage to stand alone against the oppression of the British. If you want to see this picture, you have to be patient, you have to be united with Udham Singh's long journey. You have to feel the fire burning inside him, the pain. This picture is like a time bomb. Even if you know whose countdown has started, you can't leave it. Silence speaks a lot. This picture proves once again that inflammatory speeches and high voltage dialogue are not needed to portray India's freedom struggle or the life of a fighter on celluloid.


This picture is a completely different genre from Vicky Kaushal's career. Such a character he had never seen before. Vicky has tried his best. But somewhere this character demands another macho. However, in a few scenes, Vicky Kaushal has just cracked.

If you want to know about the unknown chapters in the freedom struggle of India, then this picture is for you. Like every one of his films, Sujit Sarkar explained that quality is more important than quantity. The cinematography of the film also deserves special praise. And the melody of Shantanu Maitra will make you think, will make you fight in your mind.

                                         Sardar Udham is currently streaming on Amazon Prime             

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