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Another custom of Karwa Chauth is Sargi. Sargi is the food eaten by the women who observe the vows before sunrise on the morning of Karba Chauth. Mother-in-law and grandmother-in-law together


Karwa Chauth.


  • What is Karwa Chauth?
  • Significant of Karwa Chauth.
  • Karwa Chauth date and time & muhurat 
  • A brief discussion about Karwa Chauth.
  • Best Food at this time for married women

As shown in Hindi cinema, Joules was not involved in this vow festival from the very beginning. Later it spread, now all married women perform this vow for the welfare of their husbands. This year, the fourth vow of Karba has been taken on October 24. This festival will be celebrated in style in many places of North India on this day. There are several ways to strengthen the relationship between husband and wife.

Karba Chauth is celebrated on the fourth day of the beginning of Krishna's party in the month of Kartik. The wife fasts for the good of her husband, and in the evening she breaks her fast after seeing the moon. The main custom is to break the fast by fasting all day and seeing the face of the moon and the husband in the evening. The husband took a pot of water from Barandala and held it in his wife's face. Fasting is broken by drinking that water.
Fruit or fruit juice

Any fruit or fruit juice can be included in the nutritious sargi plate. In fact, vitamins and minerals are found in good amounts in fruits. The presence of fiber in it will not only give you energy but playing it will not make you feel hungry all day and will also make the day comfortable. Pomegranate, watermelon, banana, papaya, guava fruits can be eaten during Sargi. These fruits will keep you hydrated throughout the day.
Orange Juice

Coconut water

Nutritionists say that double water is an energy enhancer. On the day of Karba Chauth, women can drink coconut water in the morning before starting fasting. Coconut water has many benefits. It will keep your body hydrated, as well as the nutrients in it will keep you full of energy.
Coconut Water

Include these food items in Sergey

Women who fast on this day should include dried fruits such as cashews, raisins, nuts, and walnuts on the Sargi plate. Eating dried fruits provides a lot of energy so that the person does not feel tired and weak during fasting. The best part is that dried fruits contain a lot of fiber, which will not make you hungry all day. Women can also eat sweets made from milk while observing this vow. Kshir, Rabri, Kalakand or Sebai are the best options. Eating this sweet during Sargi will maintain your energy level and you will not feel hungry. If for some reason you can eat sweets made from milk, then milk can only be eaten for this day.
cashews, raisins, nuts,
                       FAQ Schema :
                    1. When is Karwa Chauth  in 2021?

                   Ans.  Karwa Chauth in this year 2021 starts at 3.01 am on Sunday 24 October and finishes                                 at  5.30 am on Monday 25 October. 

                    2. Can Unmarried Girl do Karwa Chauth?     
                   Ans.     No, it is basically celebrated by married women.

                     3.     What we can eat in Karwa Chauth fast?
                     Ans.   You can take fruit juice, coconut water,  dried fruits such as cashews,  raisins, nuts,                                       and walnuts.           
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