Here's What No One Tells You About Deriachak Kalipuja .

Deriachak Kalipuja:                    

Kali Puja is one of our great festivals. Every Indian Celebrates Dipawali every year.  Dipawali is a sign of light. It indicates Prosperity and the end of evil. Kali puja is basically known as the power of light. We all know that kali puja has a great impact on Ramayan. Today I am discussing Kalipuja, the festival of Deriachak Paschim Mahal.


Kali Puja


1. The exact location of this festival.

2. When did this puja start?

3. Total budget of this puja.

4. Discussion about celebration.                           

The exact location of this festival:

Deriachak Paschim Mahal is a very common and popular place in Purba Medinipur. This village is situated in Kolaghat Block. It is the nearest place to Bhogpur. We all know that  Bhogpur is a very common & Popular village and station in the Kharagpur Railway Division. The Kali Temple is situated in this Deriachak Paschim Mahal. I am representing this temple through Google Map.


Deriachak Kali Temple

When did this puja start?

The Puja was started 39 years ago by a few native villagers of Deriachak Paschim Mahal. This puja was started in the year in 1982. Now, this puja was organized by the people of Deriachak Paschim Mahal. One great and well-established club is called " Agradut" has a major role in this Kali Puja. Surajit Maity chairman of Kolaghat Block is also a principal member of this kali puja festival. All club members of this club also participated in this festival. Not only villagers local administration and MLA of Pankura East Honorable Biplab Roy Chowdhury and B.D.O of Kolaghat Block all are involved in this puja. The local Police Station has a great role in organizing this festival.

The total budget of this puja:

This is the festival of light and it is continued for five days. The approximate budget of this puja is approx 7 lakhs. The whole money is arranged by collection from villagers, clubs, and local temple properties. Some of the rupees are arranged through donations.                  

Discussion about celebration:

After the end of Laxmipuja, Kali puja Starts. It is known as "Diwali" for us. We all know that kali puja is the power of strength and Prosperity. We the civilian of Deriachak Paschim Mahal celebrates our kali puja every year. Our Puja is now going on Thirty Nine years of beginning. After Durga Puja, we celebrated Kalipuja very excitedly. This Puja is going on for four to five days in our village. Our ritual is every Mahalaya kali Pratima will give Visarjan and the puja of the new Pratima starts on the day of Kalipuja. We all know that Kali Puja is late-night puja. The whole Puja and premises are arranged through several colors of light. The scenario is just amazing. Mining and lighting are some of the exciting things about this Deriachak Paschim Mahal Kali puja. This kali puja means let's start the fun. The main attraction of this puja is Band Party. What e great band party. The Puja occurred at midnight. Approx one lakh crowd occurs in this puja premises. The nearest way to this puja premises is fully crowded. People came to see this from different villages. Mecheda via Ramtarak is one of the greatest ways for connecting to this Puja. As Bengalis, this day is very special for us. This night we eat some special food. Not only this puja but some special cultural programs are also held on this puja premises. Basically, it is a three to four days celebration.  Young students perform in so many cultural programs like singing, reciting, drawing,  dancing, and many more. Playing football and carrom is one main focus of this cultural program. Many Books stalls and  Food Stalls are the main shops in this kali puja premises. Basically, these five days are just full of enjoyment. We are enjoying it so much. On this occasion, Our family is full of our relatives, this is very natural in Bengali families. This is the last hope to meet each other. The next day is BhaiDooj.  Kalipuja to Bhai Dooj is really amazing it is great enjoyment for every Bengali family. After Durga Puja, this is a very special festival for the people of the Deriachak Paschim Mahal.                        

FAQ Schema:

1. What is the main festival of Deriachak?

Ans. Main festival of Deriachak Paschim Mahal is Kali Puja.

2. What is the total Budget for this Kali puja?

Ans. The total Budget is approx 6 lakhs.

3. In Which club is associated with this puja?

Ans. Agradut.                                      

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