How to keep your phone safe from hackers



Smartphones always need to be protected. This is because multiple important tasks starting from banking transactions are done through mobile phones. As well as other information theft. Hackers are very dangerous for this purpose. Many fraud cases occur for this thing. So, People should be aware that 

How to keep your phone safe from hackers. Please obey the following steps very closely. The result is very clear that your phone will be safe. 


Keep Your Phone Safe


If the phone is captured by hackers, there can be multiple dangers

Follow a few simple rules

Your phone will be safe

The smartphone you are using is not in the possession of hackers? Maybe you don't know either. But there may be hidden dangers. Hackers can take over your phone in different ways. As a result, you may face great danger. You can protect your phone or device by following a few simple rules. How? Find out.

1) Check the app list of the phone daily-

Each smartphone has an app tab in the settings option. As soon as you enter that tab, you can see which apps are installed on your phone. If you see that you have not installed any app but it appears in the app list then delete it. Maybe hackers are keeping an eye on you through that app. This is the way you keep your Phone safe.

2) Unused apps need to be deleted-

If you have some apps that you haven't used for a long time, then delete those apps. Because hackers can use those apps to monitor your phone. You should update your app simultaneously. The unused app you should remove from your mobile quickly. This is another way you should keep your phone very safe. 

3) Google Account Password -

In many cases, many people use the same password in different accounts. As a result, you may be in great danger. Because hackers can easily access the passwords of other accounts as soon as they get one of your passwords. So passwords for different accounts, including Google, should always be kept separate. Maintain Google account policy very strictly. Google means trust and safety. If you follow google update notifications my believe that your phone is 99% safe from hackers.

4) Change Password-

The same password should not be used for long. It is convenient for hackers to have the same password for a long time. So you need to change the password from time to time. This is a basic thing of password protection. You should change your password at a certain time interval.

5) Stop downloading apps from any App Store-

Many mobile phone users download apps from various third-party app stores. According to many experts, the security level in such app stores is low. So their advice is to always try to download the app from the Google play store or the app store. Downloading the app from a third party is strictly prohibited. because it is against google security policies. People Don't Download this app from any app store. This is the biggest way you can keep your phone safe from hackers. 

6) Stop installing APK file-

Hackers can easily launch an attack through APK files. The security level is much lower for those files. And APK files are not generally approved by Google. So experts advise not to install APK files. Apk file is dangerous. Don't install such type of stupid file. My recommendation is no compromise against the Apk file. This way you always keep your phone very safe. 

7) Terms and conditions should be read well-

After downloading and installing an app, the Terms and Conditions page appears. Where one has to click on a checkbox. You should read the terms and conditions carefully before clicking on that check box. Because there are various permissions written about the use of information. Clicking on the check box means that you are giving that permission to the app company. Always read the terms and conditions very carefully and you see any suspicious thing is here, always avoid from here. This is another condition that your phone will be safe from hackers.

FAQ Schema :

1. What is the first thing to do google account password?

Ans. Passwords for different accounts, including Google, should always be kept separate.

2. What is the Apk file?

Ans. Hackers can easily launch an attack through APK files because the security level is very low.       

3. From where you should download the apps ?

Ans.  Google Play Store. 


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