Now Is The Time For You To Know The Truth About Omicron Virus.

 Omicron Virus:

 We are all scared to know about the name " Omicron". According to the source, Omicron is the variant of the Covid-19 virus. We all know that Covid -19 is basically an RNA virus. A mutant form of this RNA virus is Omicron. So we are all scared about this virus. According to the report, the Omicron virus affected first seen in South Africa. World Health Organization is very much scared of this virus. Scientists are still observing this Omicron virus affected people in South Africa.  The Medical Practioner said in Africa that symptoms of this Omicron virus are just like the general flu virus. Basic Symptoms of this Omicron virus are a dry cough, fever, and night sweats. Body Pain is another major Symptom of this Omicron Virus. Dr. Unben Pillay said that 81 percent of the new case has been reported in South Africa. 


Omicron Virus

Dr. Angelique, chairman of the South African medical association speak about "Omicron". First of all, he speaks that Omicron is spreading rapidly in South Africa. Symptoms of this disease are very mild and unfamiliar. Dry throat Body Pain and low temperature of the body are some of the mild symptoms of this Omicron. In the case of corona saturation level of oxygen decreases in our human body. The whole world is very scared that these types of symptoms do not occur anyway. 

On the basis of whole incidents, the Government Of India is also very anxious. The Government of India announces some restrictions and rules and regulations for international passengers. Concerns about the new variant of the Corona, Omicron, are growing. New guideline center for travelers from abroad. All visits must be given 14 days before arrival in India. Where the passenger went 14 days ago, all the information must be given. RTPCR must be reported before boarding an international flight. RTPCR report needs to be uploaded on Air Facility Portal. Passengers coming to India from 12 countries need to be kept under close scrutiny. South Africa, Britain, Brazil, Bangladesh, Botswana, and China. Mauritius, New Zealand, Zimbabwe, Singapore, Hong Kong, Israel. Additional attention on passengers coming to India from 12 countries. The new guideline of the Union Ministry of Health is being issued on December 1. I feel that the Government Of India Take great Initiatives for Omicron. 

We the People of India are also very much anxious about Omicron. At first, we all maintain the Covid-19 protocol that we maintain to keep social distance. We should use masks and hand sanitizers. This is very important for any virus. Because prevention is better than cure. And one of the very bad things is vaccines for the Corna virus are not able to protect Omicron. The whole world and World Health Organization are still focusing on this fact very seriously.  For more information please see the BBC News official YouTube Channel.


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