The Ultimate Revelation Of Kolkata Police , AI Technology.

 Artificial Intelligence: This time Kolkata Police will use AI generation. This step has been taken to seize the bikers without helmets. How will this technology painting? Learn ...

Riding a motorbike without a helmet? You can be in excessive chance. Because this time Kolkata police go to use synthetic intelligence to control the whole remember.


KOlkata Police + AI Technology


  • What's the plan?
  • How will AI work?
  • How will the entirety be accomplished?

What's the plan?

At present, there are 2500 CCTV cameras in the Kolkata metropolis and adjacent regions for surveillance. And of that 125 cameras, can examine automobile license plates. But since the relaxation of the CCTVs does now not have that facility, the police often cannot first-class or arrest the visitor's rule violators. So within the complete count, the help of Artificial Intelligence is being taken.

How will AI work?

Kolkata Police will use unique software. That software program works absolutely with AI. The activity of the software program can be to test CCTV footage. In other phrases, the software program will experiment with what is going to be stuck in 2500 CCTV footage. And if a person drives without a helmet, or parks illegally, or breaks every other site visitors rule, the software can perceive that character. As a result, it will likely be clean for the Kolkata police to catch him.

Kolkata Police has already held discussions with technology professionals. And it is known that the complete difficulty may be discussed once again in the subsequent month. Experts can provide an explanation for how advanced gadgets getting to know the era will work in this example. Not the handiest sound education however his alertness and willpower to are maximum required.

How will the entirety be accomplished?

The software program that Kolkata Police will use will essentially scan video information. And it will be situated in Lalbazar. All CCTV cameras within the town may be connected with the software. And the ones CCTVs may have a unique card connected to them. Whenever a person drives without a helmet, he will right now locate the card connected to the CCTV digicam and ship it to the management room in Lalbazar. On the opposite hand, if someone puts a vehicle in the no-car parking zone, the data will go to the people within the management room. The entire issue could be in real-time. This means that the entire technique, from taking pictures on CCTV cameras to detecting them and sending them to the control room, will be achieved in a count of moments.

IIT Hyderabad has already finished such software. They have struck a deal with the Hyderabad police, which has made it less complicated to catch unhelmeted bikers.

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