Atarangi Re movie official review

 Atarangi Re:                             

Cast: Sara Ali Khan, Akshay Kumar, Dhanush, Menaka Rai, Palak Singh
Director: Anand L. Rai
Film Type: Hindi, Romance, Drama, Comedy
Duration: 2 Hrs 18 Min
Atrangi Re

Short Tale: 

Rinku Suryavanshi (Sara Ali Khan) is unexpectedly married to V Venkatesh Bishwanath Iyer alias Vishnu (Dhanush). Vishnu studied remedies in Tamil Nadu. But, Rinku prefers magician Sajjad Ali Khan (Akshay Kumar). Initially, Atarangi Ray seems to be a love story with five triangles, but there are numerous twists and turns in the story.

Audience Expectations About This Film:

Rinku left home for love. That is the start of the story. Some are chasing him. But, Rinku is not poor. Rather his nerves are stiff enough. He is aware of how to cope with any state of affairs. Rinku's Dida (Seema Biswas) is very strict. However, Rinku left home not to break out of his rule, but out of affection. After getting to know approximately the problem, Rinku's grandmother started out searching out her granddaughter who became head over heels in love with her. Although Rinku is reluctant to allow absolutely everyone to realize. In this, his sister's anger reaches the seventh. He advised that everybody outdoor the village must be picked up and married to Rinku.

Meanwhile, Vishnu decided to marry his girlfriend Mandy alias Mandakini. Mandy, the university major's daughter. But, within the irony of fate, Vishnu's marriage is with Rinku. The chemistry between Sara Ali Khan and Dhanush but pretty hot. Their pair caught the eye in the photograph.

Director Anand L. Rai and screenwriter Himanshu Sharma have delivered absolutely distinct characters to a point. Each of the protagonists has a character, however, isn't the same as each other. It can be stated that they're all inhabitants of different poles. But in real life, they face every other. The director has served the affection story in a totally unique manner.

Above all, the screenplay has been shot in multiple places. The director has used the vicinity to deliver each scene, each moment to lifestyles. He has provided you with a one-of-a-kind flavor in Bollywood love testimonies. The first 1/2 of the film is incredible. However, the tempo of the film slowed down a bit inside the 2d half of it. Some moments had been repeated. However, it become not understood how the film become going to stop.

The idea of the photograph is fancy and a bit complex. As an end result, it isn't always a clean venture to carry it to the display. However, Anand El Rai has simply made any story come to life inside the beyond. This time too he become no exception. The film manages to entertain in addition to tell. But if the fabric of Himanshu's tale had been a bit more potent and crispy, the film may want to have long past one step further.

Songs had been used in this movie for the purpose of the story. AR Rahman's track is high-quality. The track 'Chakka Chak' has already ended up the maximum favorite of the visitors. This is truly the plus point of this photograph. The twist that the director used at the end of the film made Atarangi Ray EV
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