EC Declares Dates for Assembly Elections Of Five States

 The five state assembly elections (Election 2022) will start in the country from February 10. The first round of voting in Uttar Pradesh is on February 10. Issued on meeting-procession-road show. Now I am discussing this matter briefly. The Election Commission Of India clearly discusses this particular guideline about this Election.


EC Declares Dates for Assembly Elections


  • The Election Commission has announced the schedule for the Assembly elections in five states
  • The first round of voting will take place on February 10 in Uttar Pradesh.
  • The election results will be on March 10.

 The tsunami of Kovid is going on in the country. In this situation, the Election Commission of India has announced the schedule for the assembly elections in five states. Chief Election Commissioner Sushil Chandra has announced the dates for Assembly elections in Goa, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Punjab, and Manipur. The first round of voting will take place on February 10 in Uttar Pradesh. Then on 14 February the second round of voting. Elections in Punjab, Uttarakhand, and Goa will be held on February 14. The chief election commissioner said the five states would vote in accordance with the new guidelines in the Covid situation. The election results will be on March 10.

On this day Sushil Chandra recited a poem in the middle of his speech. He said, 'Yakin ho to koi rasta niklata hai. Hawa ki ot v laker chirag jwalta hai. ' That is to say, just as a lamp burns in spite of the presence of wind, so it is realized in any adverse situation if there is a will. ' Choosing a coveted situation is a challenge. Commission officials visited five states last December, the chief election commissioner said. He said the total number of voters in these five states is 16 crore 30 lakh. The number of first-time voters is 24 lakh 9 thousand.

Elections will be held in Punjab, Uttarakhand, and Goa on February 14 in one phase. There will be seven rounds of voting in Uttar Pradesh. The first phase is on February 10, the second phase is on February 14, the third phase is on February 20, the fourth phase is on February 23, the fifth phase is on February 26, the sixth phase is on March 3 and the seventh phase is on March 7. Voting in Manipur twice. The first phase is on 28th February and the second phase is on 3rd March. The commission said that a sufficient number of central troops would be deployed in each state.

New Guidelines for Covid Period Elections:

 No public meeting can be held till January 15. The election campaign cannot be held after 8 pm. The commission will make a decision again only after considering the next situation.

 Postal ballot system for those affected by Corona

 Women-run polling stations for women. 1820 women-run polling stations have been set up in these five states.

 Webcasting system in more than one lakh booths.

 900 observers will be in charge of conducting the vote.

 Virtual and digital media should focus more on electioneering.

 Prohibition on marches, roadshows, rallies.

On the other hand, there is a cVGIL app of the commission so that the standard election rules are not violated in any way during the election period. Complaints can be made through this app if there is any financial transaction on behalf of any political party or individual. He was also informed that he would be resolved within 100 minutes of receiving the complaint.

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