Is Third World War Possible?

 In an announcement to the media on Thursday morning, Putin blamed America for the entire affair. Russia has long stated that Ukraine must no longer be protected inside the list of NATO countries. And in return, Russia promised to offer Ukraine protection. But many believe that this warfare might be the start of a third global war.


Third World War

Russia released an assault on Ukraine on Thursday. Multiple explosions and missile strikes were said considering morning. This morning, Russian President Vladimir Putin said, "I actually have determined to launch a navy operation. He announced this on a Russian TV channel. Since then, the Russian navy has been occupying diverse elements of Ukraine."

Pictures and movies of the army operation got here to the fore through various social media. World War 3 and WWIII started out trending on numerous microblogging structures along with Twitter. Many human beings upload one-of-a-kind tweets the usage of this hashtag. But why is each person calling Russia's invasion of Ukraine a 3rd world warfare?

In an announcement to the media on Thursday morning, Putin blamed the USA for the complete affair. Russia has long said that Ukraine should now not be blanketed inside the listing of NATO nations. And in going back, Russia promised to provide Ukraine with safety. He brought that "Russia has no plans to launch a military operation in Ukraine, however, to bring to justice those responsible.

Putin made the assertion within the early hours of Thursday, Indian time, however, several explosions had been reported in advance, in keeping with various international media reports. Attacks had been suggested in numerous Ukrainian cities, consisting of Kyiv, Kharkiv, and Odesa.

Although Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba made it clear that Putin became responsible for the complete incident.

US President Joe Biden has said that Russia's assault on Ukraine may want to result in "heavy casualties".

Russia's invasion of Ukraine started out quickly after World War III. Because of this, Twitter customers say that this sort of struggle state of affairs may be created in special countries of the sector. If the warfare between India-Pakistan, India-China, America-China, China-Taiwan, or the 2 Koreas intensifies, the whole global may also witness third world warfare, a number of the Twitter customers assume.

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