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  • Cast: Jitu Kamal, Anjana Basu, Saini Ghosh, Debashish Roy, Anusha Vishwanathan
  • Director: Anik Dutt
  • Movie Type: Bengali, Drama

 Short Story:                                          

Pather Panchali is one of the best and first works of the life of the legendary director of Indian cinema and world cinema, Satyajit Ray. After 7 years, director Anik Dutt brought to the big screen the story behind the obstacles faced by the young Satyajit Rayak in making this film.                               

Audience Reaction:

After finishing his studies in painting at Rabindranath's Santiniketan, Satyajit Ray worked in an advertising agency. Ray was introduced to the life of that first village Bengal. His love for painting and cinema has been with him from the very beginning. While staying in London for 6 months with his wife Vijaya Roy, Satyajit Ray came close to European cinema. De Seeker's film 'Bicycle Thieves' inspired him to make a film in the first half of the film. However, while living abroad, he was also planning to film Panchali on this path.

The film begins with an interview given by Aparajit Roy in front of prominent film and drama personality Shamik Bandyopadhyay. Although Ray's name was changed to Aparajit Roy in the film. Even the name of the movie 'Pather Panchali' has been changed to Pather Padabali. However, this picture gained momentum. After returning to the country from the second half, Ray started looking for Apu, Durga, and Indira Thakur to take his picture. Going to the producer to tell the story of the film, the director almost ran to raise money for the film. However, the director's wife Vijaya Roy was Satyajit's constant companion on this tour.

This picture is like a nostalgic trip. The shooting of some of the iconic scenes of Pather Panchali like Apu Durga bathing in the rain, Durga's death, Apu Durga going to see Apu Durga's train together with Apu Durga and a shot of a dog, even shooting of the last journey of dead Indira Director Anik Dutt. Looking at the various scenes of the film, it may seem that the viewers are watching the period of making Ray's 'Pather Panchali'.

This picture made history from all sides. Changed the grammar of the movie. With this film came some groundbreaking changes in the movie. For example, photographer Subatra Mitra was the first to use Cinemaya Bounce Lighting. Outdoor shooting in normal light, not rain machine for rain, but shooting in real rain. After waiting for two or three days, when heavy rain came suddenly, Subrata Mitra and Banshi together shot the scene of Vejar in the rain of Apu Durga. Also, after Durga's death, Anik Dutt is presenting all this known and unknown information in the use of her sanaiya in the tears of Sarvajaya.


In this film, the chemistry of Satyajit and Vijay's marriage is shown in a very modest way, just as much as needed. Now let's talk about performance. Jitu Kamal as Satyajit Ray alias Aparajit Roy is different in one word. From his sitting posture to the way he spoke, Jitu seemed to have mastered his mannerisms perfectly. In some close-up scenes, the viewers may feel on the screen that they are visiting Manik. Saini Ghosh is good in the role of Vijaya Roy. Devajyoti Mishra's background music is just as much as needed. However, the role of Pandit Ravi Shankar in the film is very low. The cinematography of Supratim Vol deserves praise in the film. In a word, Jitu's mannerisms and Chandrashish Roy's voice will make the audience witness a magical moment on the big screen.     

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