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  • Cast: Dev, Rukmini Maitra, Kharaj Mukherjee, Anjana Basu, Kamleshwar Mukherjee, Jun Malia
  • Director: Rahul Mukherjee
  • Movie Type: Bengali, Comedy, Romance
  • Duration: 2 Hrs 21 Min

Short story:

The story begins with Rohini and Tintin. Going to college at Tintin Darjeeling at the very back of his studies, he fell in love with Topper Rohini. Felu da Tintin and Topper Rohini had their last love affair, but Tintin's mother became a thorn in the side of love. Will Tintin and Rohini be able to fulfill their love in the end?

Audience reaction to the Kishmish:

The protagonist of this story is Krishanu though he has named himself Felu Da without hesitation. Because the study of Krishanu alias Tintin does not come to mind at all. There are cartoon characters in his world, which you can understand when you see Tintin's house. Just a variety of graffiti and cartoon paintings across the walls. This time Rohini, the beautiful and intelligent girl of class topper, fell in love with that Krishanu College. There is no suspense in this when the hero and heroine have met from friendship to love. But after falling in love, the real struggle of Tintin-Rohini's life started.

Tintin Baba Goblu Chattopadhyay (Kharaj Mukherjee), son of Kalighat, Kolkata, mother Pubali (Anjana Basu), mother of higher education. They have no similarity from Mohun Bagan East Bengal to Chiring Hilsa. On the other hand, Asim (Kamaleshwar Mukherjee), a senior officer of Tea Estate, his wife Semanti (Jun Malia) and their only daughter Rohini. On the last day of college, Rohini and Krishanu will finish the conversation between these two families. With Rohini's bonding mother, more fathers are busy with heavy work. Krishanur's parents come to meet him at his daughter's whim. In this marriage, Anjana Basu, the mother of the hero, is bent over. But, how did Krishanu win the hearts of Krishanu's mother in the end, Rohini and Asim, i.e. Krishanu won the hearts of Rohini's father?

From the very beginning, this movie will seem like a funny, sweet love story. From college love to music, dance, romance, full of emotion. I will give Tintin's look impeccable. Hairstyles and glasses will attract extra attention. In this film, Dev-Rukmini's offscreen romance has evoked onscreen romance. However, it is Kharaj Mukherjee who has entertained the audience throughout the movie. Almost every dialogue on his face will force the audience to clap. Such is the impeccable performance of Anjana Basu and Kamleshwar Mukherjee. But Jun Malia had nothing special to do. But the whole picture is a flashback story of the eighties. That's where the real twist comes from. In the retro look, Rukmini's way of talking, the viewer will see a different Rukmini. There are four songs in the film, all kinds of mood songs. The song 'Tok Tui Balb Na Tumi' has already hit. However, the story of the raisin film is hidden in the song 'Abheshe Bhalobese' sung by Arijit Singh. Nilayan Chatterjee has done a good job as a composer in the first film.

Director Rahul Mukherjee will get absolute marks in the first film for directing. Photographer Madhura Palitar deserves credit for capturing the moments through eighties Kolkata and photo lighting. The comedy timing and punch are very good. However, in the case of the story, it can be said that there could have been a little more screenplay. Viewers can often find similarities with other Hindi films.

But in the end, during the crisis of Bengali film, the producer Dev has to be applauded for his sweet love story like the market raisins that compete with the southern film. In a word, in this film, whether it is the producer Dev or the actor Dev, he passed all the places with flying colors. ‘Kishmish Movie’ is a movie to watch with a family that has a very good mood.


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