Agnibir protest against Agnipath Scheme

 One protester was shot dead by RPF at Secunderabad Railway Station. Eight others were injured when they took to the streets in protest of the Agneepath Scheme Protest. Besides, a freight vehicle heading towards West Bengal was reportedly set on fire at the station. It is learned that the train was coming to Shalimar station. Find out more ...


Mission Agnipath


  • Fires erupt in Telangana in protest of the Central Agnipath Scheme.
  • Railway police opened fire on the station premises to disperse the agitated crowd.
  • One person was shot dead in the incident.
  • Why students protest against the Central Agnipath scheme

Fires erupt in Telangana in protest of the Centre's Agnipath Scheme. Tensions flared at Secunderabad Railway Station on Friday morning. It is learned that the railway police opened fire on the station premises to disperse the agitated crowd. One person was shot dead in the incident. Eight other protesters were injured.

Meanwhile, protesters were accused of setting fire to a West Bengal-bound freight train. It is learned that the East-Coast Express was coming from Secunderabad to Shalimar station.


Mission Agnipath

Along with Telangana, Bihar has been hot since Friday morning. Protesters block Lakshminiya railway station. The fire was set on the railway track. The fire was set at Begusarai station. Demonstrations are being held by burning tires on the railway line. The picture at Kuhadia station in Ara district is similar. In Aurangabad, thousands of protesters blocked National Highway 2. The huge police force has landed in the area. More than 36 trains have been canceled in Bihar to handle the situation. More than 55 trains have been canceled across the country. Also, about 100 train routes have been canceled.

Meanwhile, protesters have been accused of attacking the home of state Deputy Chief Minister Renu Devi in ​​Battia, Bihar's South Champaran district. The Faridabad administration has temporarily shut down internet services to quell protests in Ballabhgarh, Haryana. The government has announced a curfew in Haryana to quell the protests. The train also caught fire at Balia station in Uttar Pradesh. The Yogi government police are taking strong measures to prevent the protesters. Besides, traffic on the Agra-Lucknow Expressway has also come to a standstill.

Agneeveer will be employed for four years under the Centre's Agnipath project. The youth of the country has been dubbed as 'Agnibir'. They must be 18 to 21 years old. For this Scheme, 40 to 45 thousand youths will be recruited for a short period of time every year. They will be given six months of military training. Their tenure will be up to four years. The whole country became heated after Union Defense Minister Rajnath Singh announced the project. The Center has come up with this project to avoid the annoyance of a section of the youth community and to prevent them from paying the pension-related benefits to the army personnel.

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India is full of young people, this is the major strength of India. The main problem in this country is the maximum number of students are without a job. Now the Central Government scheme "Agnipath" is a disaster for every student, Who is trying to prepare themselves for the Indian army. 

The defense job is only 4 years without Pension My god this is unbelievable. We all know that Defense of India is the most Prestigious organization in our Country. As a part of Defense is very fortunate for every Indian. But in defense, this " Agnipath " scheme is very very bad for our young starts who really want to serve the nation. You, Teenagers, are protesting to prevent the "Agnipath " scheme in several states in India. 

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