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  • Actors: Soham Chakroborty, Subhasree Ganguly, Ritwick Chakraborty,Parno mittra.
  • Director: Raj Chakroborty
  • Movie |Type: Bengali Political Drama
  • Writers: Raj Chakroborty, Padnava Dasgupta(Screen Play)


Short Story of Dharmayuddha:

In a secular united states bully of secularism, how at ease communal concord? Director Raj Chakraborty raised that query inside the trailer of 'Dharmajuddha'. A lot-awaited film launched on the eve of Independence Day. How is it? Written via Sandipta Bhanj.
The sectarian political conspiracy behind the glitter of modernity! We-them, Ram-Rahim variations have repeatedly sown the seeds of violence and riots. Since independence forty-seven years, the management of privileged humans with ethnicity in mind isn't less in this society.! More than as soon as the headlines were about Hinduism, every now and then, or Islamic clerics. In all instances, the victims of brutal outcomes are humans. Those opportunistic personalities were given out of the pot by means of setting heart to the salt. . Must suffer the outcomes. And after seeing the destiny of the 'guinea pig' crowd, the devotees of faith laughed again and again. The mild of that actual context changed into located in Raj Chakraborty's 'Dharmajuddha'.
Four characters - Jabar, Raghav, Shabnam, and Munni - are sufferers of the bullies in the name of religion. Remote border regions. They are the victims of the volatile political situation wherein caste, and religious unrest is a day-by-day factor. Munni's (Shubashree Gangopadhyay) husband is thrown into disarray, and Hindu flags are planted in the mosque. As a result of which the village commenced burning. Jabar, Raghava, and Shavanamra aren't excluded from the list of spiritual devotees. Everyone has a dark past. Where religion has been killed and injured. Raj Chakraborty has added up the incident of a rebellion night on the display screen.
A Hindu teen (Koushik Roy) has to die for his dream of marrying Shabnam (Parno Mitra). Such activities of Love Jihad befell in the 'Hindu kingdom'! On the other hand, Jabar (Soham Chakraborty), a Muslim mutton seller, is lynched on suspicion of selling beef. Another present-day plot depicts Raghav's (Hrithik Chakraborty) mom being killed for blowing a conch at the Tulsi ground for the duration of Azaan. In modern society, such occasions appear unrealistic, but in many elements of us, those are still applicable and real! Common humans must be sacrificed.
On the night time of the rise up, 3 homeless characters - Munni, Jabar, and Raghava take refuge in a vintage woman's house. She is Swatilekha Sengupta. The director has possibly woven her man or woman on the pattern of a mundane patriot. At least that's what the speaker says. Where Swatilekha can be seen retaining all of the dependents like a mother without discrimination of caste. The director desires to create anxiety in talk scenes with Gita verses or Koran pen. It additionally seems to be lax in numerous places. However, behind the over-theatricalism and coincidental introduction of every character, the overall performance of Subhasree, Parno, and Soham-Hritvik is thoughts-blowing. It needs to be stated that judging the acting nice of Bengali film actresses like Swatilekha Sengupta is bold. The global of performing will forever be indebted to his paintings.
Rudraprayag Sengupta and Saptarshi Mooli are captivating in their presence although it is a short scene. So is Kaushik Roy. But in this example, it has to be cited that Padmanabh Dasgupta has placed a twist inside the screenplay with exquisite skill. Not to mention the finishing, Raj Chakraborty raised expectancies as a director with the aid of giving movies like 'Prolay' and 'Parineeta', and the trailer of 'Dharmajuddha' become no longer as triggering because of the whole movie. Several scenes appear lax in phrases of cinematic grammar. Especially, the scenes of pregnant Subhasree and Munni's breakdown and the infant all of the sudden stops crying after giving beginning could have been a terrific look.

Audience Reaction to Dharmajuddha:

Raj Chakraborty merits kudos for portraying the real context on the large display screen with such courage. Maybe Bengali has not proven the courage to boycott this movie yet, nor have they burnt posters outdoor the hall and threatened murder and rape. However, Raj's 'Religion War' is a bit of evidence of ways severe the effects of communal violence may be. You can effortlessly watch this movie in theaters. If the conscience of civilized society is awoken!

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