Why Tulsi Village Is Viral In Social Media?

 Recently a Tulsi village has long past viral on social media which has bowled over each person. Because most of the people in that village are YouTubers. Although it sounds ordinary, many humans.


Tulsi Village

Viral Gram is Tulsi Village. In nations like India, the number of YouTubers is increasing unexpectedly. A village in Chhattisgarh can bet about this. Whose name is Tulsi? It is understood that there are 3000 humans residing there, but 1,000 of them are YouTubers. It may additionally sound atypical but it's far real. But, because of the Gram Bharti YouTuber, the village has been nicknamed the village of YouTubers. The village is located a few kilometers far away from Raipur, the capital of Chhattisgarh. Where the younger technology is the industrialist. Father and uncle used to journey to Natak Yatra for a long term. But, the new era has taken up cellular to showcase their skills. A younger YouTuber from Tulsi informs that currently, the wide variety of energetic YouTube channels of the village residents is around forty. As a result, the village has gone viral on social media. So, Tulsi Village 都市伝説  is trending on social media now.


The fulfillment of Gyanendra Shukla and Joy Varma brought Tulsi to the YouTube channel. Gyanendra used to paint in a bank. But, he cease his at ease process and started a YouTube channel. In the start, the achievement did now not come, he was additionally stumbling. But, the revel in of appearing in Ramleela inside the village got here in on hand. Currently, Gyanendra Shukla's channel has greater than hundred,000 subscribers. He has uploaded several films so far. On the other hand, Joy Verma left the transient coaching job and opened a YouTube channel. Jai stated that earlier his monthly income become 12 to fifteen thousand. Now he earns 30 to 35 thousand takas consistent per month by means of last his eyes. Behind that is his YouTube channel. That Tulsi village in India is now widely viral on social media 都市伝説.

Gyanendra said, "Many humans inside the village are encouraged to look at us. About forty percent of the villagers have their very own YouTube channels. More thankfully, anybody is making true money from it.” Joy stated that “almost every person in our village is into the YouTube channel.” Social media is now abuzz with that Tulsi village.

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